Membership Forms

Application Forms

For your convenience we have provided application forms that you can print of, fill out and bring in. There are three forms that are required to be filled out for a membership.

1. Membership Application Form   Membership application-waiver 2015












2. Membership Waiver

Membership application-waiver 2015(2)















Membership application-waiver 2015(3)



















3. PAR Q – Follow the link below

Did you check yes to any of the PAR-Q questions? If so you need to have your doctor fill out a PARmed-X (see link below) OR you can fill out a request to waive the PARmed-X (below).


Waive of PARmed-X:

DAC Member Request for Par MedX Waiver of Liability

Are you from 14 or 15 years old? If so, a family memeber must accompany you to the gym, and the following form needs to be filled out as well.

Under 16 Consent- Mar 2015